MACHINE DANCE FITNESS: Initially XSITE will be dedicated to delivering the best commerical grade group entertainment-fitness solutions on the planet!

We are very excited to offer the #1 Group ExerGame in the World, the Positive Gaming iDANCE2 system from Scandinavia – Exergaming Australia is the proud sole distributor for iDANCE2 is Australasia.

Machine Dance is a rhythm-step exergame. Many people have played Guitar Hero, well Machine Dance is like Guitar Hero but instead of using your fingers you use your feet!

In other words, you use your whole body to rhythmically step out the chords of the music while moving on brilliant wireless ‘Stomp Pads’. This is an incredible sensory experience and TOTALLY addictive – but in a good way 🙂

This an ALL ages ALL abilities ALL fitness level activity, absolutely anyone that can stand up can do Machine Dance – we’ve trialled it over 12 months, all over Tasmania to over 15,000 people, anyone can do this!

Machine Dance uses a MASSIVE projected screen. In combination with the thumping audio system and wireless Stomp Pad, the gamplay unfolds in front our your eyes, ears and body. You become part of this physical game (ExerGame). Before you know it, one hour has gone, you’ve burnt up to and over 550 calories and you’ve had an absolute blast!

Machine Dance is an incredible sensory experience, its great fun and its brilliant for your mental and physical health. It hardly seems possible that exercise could be this much fun and to top it off, you’ll be doing it with 11 other people who are having the same experience!!

Our Machine Dance sessions are all ONE hour in duration, INSTRUCTOR led and most importantly…FUN! We have a limited number of pads per session (12) so please BOOK ahead to avoid disappointment.

Machine Dance is highly social, it’s fun and EXTREMELY effective and XSITE is the first centre in Australia to offer this experience 10 times a week! So grab some friends and family and come give this amazing group ExerGame a try, but you’ve been warned, it is addictve 🙂

PRIVATE EVENTS/BIRTHDAY PARTIES: XSITE is fully equipped to deliver an enormous variety of private sessions for individuals to small and large groups. We are perfectly positioned in the heart of  Hobart and within metres of some of the best pubs, shops, restaurants and cafes in Hobart.

XSITE‘s ammenities include: A large counter serving area with an undercounter commercial fridge, kitchenette food preparation area, 20 litre water cooler, popcorn maker, urn for coffee & tea. Separate male and female change-areas/toilets, a mezzanine console gaming area and our main Ballroom sized multi-purpose, multimedia ExerGaming area.

We have a large stage professional Audio System with a multitude of inputs for portable audio players and microphones. We include a state of the art BenQ 776st projector and a HUGE motorised projection screen. Our A/V setup would be perfect for presentations, workshopping and training days.

The main areas are furnished with 10 very comfy bean bags, dozens of chairs and ample tables. Area, ambient, spotlighting and effect lighting systems such as UV lighting can create a range of different moods and environments depending on what you require.

We offer Instructor led group Machine Dance sessions with a range of ‘exergames’ in our console gaming area. We have competitive pricing on a range of drinks and we pride ourselves on our ‘healthy’ popcorn creations. We can also video the event and save in raw format on disk plus perform basic editing.

We can also supply a fun competitive angle to the event and supply trophies and awards to all or specific winners/participants.

If you have any specific requirements we can customise our venue to suit your needs. Simple email or call Brett on 0418 146 818.

LAN PARTIES: We are testing our venue over the next few weeks with a number of LAN events. We are using our own custom designed real wood LAN tables which are painted by a local and highly talented grafitti/sculpture artist.

Our hardware and infrastructure. We use a 24 port high bandwidth Dlink Switch. We have 4 dedicated power circuits with plenty of GPO’s, powerboards, extension cables and network cables. Our lighting ranges from blackout to high lumen output. We also have a state of the art A/V system to utilize for your gaming and entertainment  needs.

XSITE also has a good range of ‘high octane’ drinks to keep everyone at the top of their game plus a ‘cooler’ chillout area downstairs to catch some Mario Kart 64 or some well earned zzzz in our super comfy bean bags.

XSITE is right in the heart of North Hobart, so it is just a few metres to grab a beer, wine, pizza, subway, Hungry Jacks, kebab, curry, noodles, Piri Piri Chicken Burger, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese food, customised icecreams from ColdRock or some great thickshakes/sundaes from the Reknown Milkbar.

We have a shared seated courtyard so smokers aren’t left out in the cold, so to speak 🙂

For further enquires related to Machine Dance, Opening Times, Open Days, Special Events, Workshops, Bookings etc please:

  1. Call Brett on 0418 146 818
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