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Is your first Machine Dance session?


Prepare to experience the most unique group fitness experience of your life! To thoroughly enjoy the experience we have some suggestions that we know you’ll find helpful.

Machine Dance doesn’t have even written rules as to what to wear, it’s a very individual activity and we encourage you to wear what’s comfortable for you!

Firstly, you’re going to sweat! It will take between 2 – 3 sessions to reach that ideal aerobic ‘fat loss’ zone (65% max HR), but even from the get go, you will feel the heat.  So we suggest light weight cotton clothing or similarly ‘breathable’ material – any conventional group fitness activity wear is fine!

Express yourself. Go edgy urban and wear some surfer/skater/dancer kit or go the fitness workout wear. We think retro 80’s head bands and wrist bands are just perfect. The main thing is to be comfortable and have fun!

When you’re past beginner level, you can easily attain extremely vigorous aerobic thresholds. Many of us regularly reach heart rates of 85 – 95% max HR in our HIT sessions. When you’re up to ‘Normal’ levels and above, you can easily reach and exceed 550 calorie burn for the session!  At this point you’ll be well aware of what to wear but even the Master level dancers are still experimenting.


For beginners, bare feet, and feeling flesh on pads, is the way to go. It’s much easier to feel the indentations in the pads which helps orient yourself on the pad.

For Hard – Master Level dancers, the type of foot-ware becomes very important. Basically, the thinner and lighter your footwear the better (light equals fast). Thin souls aids in feeling the indents but still protects your feet from blisters and tears.

Parents and kids: Make sure you children’s laces are done up tight as we don’t want any falls due to misfitting foot-ware!

KMart has a range of very cheap ‘volley’ type shoes, perfect for machine dance.

Lastly. Bring a sweat towel and a water bottle. We have a small bathroom where you can change if necessary. Most importanly, bring a sense of adventure and get ready for an experience of a lifetime 🙂