Serious money in Serious Gaming

The South Korean government has pledged to invest 80 billion Won (US$63m) into the nation’s growing serious games market –

“The government expects these investments will catalyse the nation’s Serious Games sector growth to reach a market value of $400 million by 2012.”

The South Korean government and associated partners are to be applauded for the foresight. The market in Serious Gaming, Gaming for Health and Exergaming seems patently obvious, I hope the Australian government is being approached by lobby groups and can take some inspiration to what is happening elsewhere in Australasia.

With Rudds emphasis on bringing our region in from the Broadband abyss, the time seems ripe to develop parallel offline and online technology driven businesses. Australia could be very well placed to deliver worlds best practices in the brave new world of gaming, both for pleasure and enterprise.

Should any Australian ‘games’ practitioners/developers/innovators etc, be reading this, please lend your weight to our fledgling Exergaming google groups at

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