Remember handmade homepages?

I just joined an Exergaming group at twitfitter which oddly enough, reminded me of the times when I lovingly handcrafted my first html homepage. Actually it was a semi-commercial website called the Cool Republic. An overclockers, water cooling haven for the hands on geek of 1998. Since then I’ve MS frontpaged, Dreamweaved, got someone else to do it, Joomla’d, WordPressed and now Ning’d. Each has made me realise how impetuous I’ve become to ‘get my hot copy released’. I used to think writing and setting up a blog, and a blogsite was too speedy and ill prepared, now it seems downright waterlogged and sluggish compared with it’s colleague in arms, Twitter. Setting up my Twitfitter site was painless, warp fast and actually fun! I never thought I’d use those three phrases together when talking about website interfaces…wow! Thank you Biray for the link from your own old fashioned WordPress site 😛

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