Nokia and Mobile Exergaming

This article caught my attention as ‘Mobile Exergaming’ is a fundamental strategy of our company Exergaming Finland. ‘Mobile’ in Finland means something quite different to how we use the term in Australia. In Finland it represents ‘mobile phones’, in Australia its twofold with both phones and portability, mainly the later. Follow the article: Mobile exergaming to get an idea of what is being toyed with in the mobile phone platforms.

Another bent on mobile exergaming, again by those  natty Finns, is Exergaming for Tourists A novel way to sight see around cities!

My time spent in Finland (almost 10 years teaching communications at Nokia), showed me how inventive and innovative Finns really are. They are playing a prominent role in Exergaming in Europe and have been since at least 2005. Keep an eye on whats coming out of Finland theres a lot more to them than Nokia, Santa Claus, saunas and Exergaming Finland 🙂

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