Live Exergaming Skype Sessions

Exergaming has another ‘voice’ so to speak with our newly introduced Interactive Fitness and Exergame Network Skype Discussion Sessions – phew : IFEN Skype Sessions

If you are curious or you are already a convert to the amazing fitness potential that exergaming offers, then you are very welcome to be an active ‘vocal’ participant in the Skype session. You are equally welcome to follow proceedings as a silent spectator in the background should you feel more comfortable. We can only take a max of 24 people for the event, so please get in early as you may miss out otherwise.

The next session is on Saturday 12th 9pm GMT and will be our 5th discussion. The major topic relates to defining exergaming; what is it, how do we describe and define it, what’s its purpose etc. These discussions are informal and far from elitist, so join in and have a say in the direction of exergaming globally.

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