Health benefits of ExerGames backed by American Heart Association

Health benefits of active games backed by American Heart Association December 10, 2010.

Activity-oriented videogames can help users to become more engaged in other physical activities, according to a survey backed by the American Heart Association. The health organization allied with console manufacturer Nintendo to conduct the poll, which showed that 58 per cent of respondents have taken up a hobby such as jogging or tennis since playing games such as Wii Fit or Wii Sports Resort. According to data from the survey, users consider such titles to be good ways of remaining active when in the home, with men more likely to play the games than women.

Dr Barry Franklin of William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, an American Heart Association volunteer, said: “As people get up off the couch to play Wii games, they’re likely to stay up and do more.” The American Heart Association grants Nintendo permission to display its logo on the packaging of Wii Fit Plus.

In the UK the NHS has endorsed ExerGaming, particulary rhythm dance games, as an option to increase activity in its Change4Life program.

Australia, now the most obese country on the planet would do well to follow the lead of the US and UK and embrace the tremendously engaging nature of exergames and begin similar initiatives here, what do you think?