Fullbody Exergaming Exertion

Eyetoy Kinetic

A four year old technology is still at the forefront of Exergaming methodology, and four years is a long time in this arena. In conjunction with Kinetic SCE London Studio and Nike Motionworks, the Eyetoy and Kinetic are a credit to its designers. Many of todays game producers could do much worse than to use this inception as a yardstick for successful Exergaming implementation.

At Exergaming Finland we’ve been promoting the outstanding high intensity workout that can be achieved by the Eyetoy, particularly in relation to Kinetic and Kinetic combat. Exergaming can offer a total body workout which will tax the fittest of individuals…don’t believe me!? Watch this: Exergaming Finland Eyetoy Solutions

Like everything in life and fitness, you get out of it what you put into it. Eyetoy/Kinetic is a symbiotic fitness relationship that has the potential to get the very best out of you. If you’re after muscular endurance and a cardio maximised workout, it is hard to beat…period!


  1. Travis Smith says:

    Wow pretty cool, I’m all about home fitness routine but this is on a whole superior level! I mean like working in like a game with actually working out, almost makes it not like “working” ya know? Keep up the hi-tech workout stuff.


  2. Brett says:

    It’s an unbelievable workout and you really do feel part of the game! This workout requires minimal space and nothing other than consistent lighting. Be careful, these workouts are very addictive if your the competitive type as well.

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