Eyespy with my Exergamer's eye

Eyespy with my little Eyetoy

The Eyetoy has been a favourite and a workhorse of our companies stratergies. It has a wealth of software available and fits well with our modular and portable service delivery. However, it can be finnicky or just a bloody nuisance  to set up. Varying environments, creating varying result on the Eyetoy accuracy.  I guess it has bad days just like the rest of us mere mortals.

I’ve been fortunate in the past of being able to create highly effective testing areas. This has allowed me to experiment at will with various exergaming models and programs across multiple hardware platforms. However, I’ve yet to create the ‘perfect Eyetoy environment’.

I’ve had indifferent results with different lighting techniques: ceiling lights alone, wall lights, standing lamps, spot light, very bright lighting down to quite dull plus combinations of all the above. I also experimented with reflective gloves and ankle bands. It seemed possible that the camera may track more reflective-glovesaccurately if it follows the extremeties more easily and reflective material seemed the obvious and easiest to test.

Unfortunately, moving back to Australia hasn’t allowed me the time to test its effectiveness further, has anyone else used reflective material with the Eyetoy? Or found a the ‘perfect’ lighting coverage?

I’m also curious to know if anyone has experienced any quality differences between the earlier ‘black’ bodied Eyetoy and the more recent ‘silver’ bodied unit. It could be a single instance, but I noticed the wideangle lens (used for Kinetic and Kinetic Combat) seems to fit on the black bodies Eyetoy more snuggly?!

If you haven’t tried the Eyetoy yet, then do yourself a favour, DO IT!

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