Exergaming Repository

Our startup company, Exergaming Finland, like many commercial and semi-commercial enterprises, relies heavily on investment, research and resources. Our single largest resource is our own Exergaming service. We are a fitness service provider, first and foremost, equipment utilization runs a distant second. I chose this format as I wanted the service to be delivered onsite, to the customer/s, rapidly and unobtrusively (and removed just as expediently). This pretty much dictated my choice of equipment from the outset. Creating customer programs from that point on became very clear, and our program variations have been finely honed over time, but of course, we have a LOT more to learn. As more Exergaming options arise (hardware and software), we have to filter and blend them to suit our needs, plus adapt them to suit our specific methodology.

In that regard, research becomes paramount. I have built a massive database that encompasses: digital offline PDF binders, online with Google Bookmarks all carefully catagorised, and mirrored with Mozilla Bookmarks, and good old fashioned printouts in indexed Folders. Plus of course, two websites, 3 blogs sites, twitter and our online 37 Signals Basecamp Project site, not to mention innumerable Skype and MSN sessions….phew. I’m not alone in having such a compilation, far from it, however its becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with every development happening in Exergaming worldwide, especially in relation to clinical research work. When I first began ‘investigating’ Exergaming around the world (late 2005), just a google search alone was ample enough, nowadays, its imperative to become active with Exergaming networks to stay vaguely up to date. This is still problematic, as the networks are disjointed – by nature of the online applications themselves, although twitters and blogs are very cooperative.

An ‘Exergaming Repository’ or Library if you prefer, seems the ideal solution for Exergamers and interested parties. A single ‘online presence’  to find articles and research of interest. I therefore applaud the NMSU for creating the Exergames Advisory Network and hope it goes someway to achieving this ‘centralised’ thinktank and resevoir of knowledge for Exergaming…..my god, and I used to hate visiting libraries, my how ones habits do change 😛

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