Games for Health Conference Boston 2010

Original post by gamercize  on 25 May TEN website

In Boston this week, the annual Games for Health conference takes place. This is perhaps the premiere event fortheGames4Health fraternity and a time to highlight the solutions offered by Exergaming in the health, fitness, educationand rehabilitation sectors.

If you are a member of The Exergame Network’s (TEN) Website, Skype calls, Wiki, LinkedIn or Facebook collaboration groups then here’s a chance to meet outside the virtual world!

Talking of Virtual Worlds, the 25th (traditionally known as   pre-conference day) has both “Virtual Worlds, Social and Games For Health” and “Games Accessibility” days. This year sees the addition of the Mobile Serious Games Conference too. I found pre-conference day last year was the highlight of the year for me, very social and serious, serious fun!

Two vocal and well respected exergame advocates Stephen Yang and Dr Alasdair Thin (both very active in TEN) presented last year in the pre-conference event – Alasdair, I think we need a new post on your site 🙂

The Games for Health conference features some of the finest minds (and friendliest people!) in the research world. Highlights will undoubtedly come from the Exergaming Expo, where TEN supporters Tommy Seilheimer and Exergame Fitness USA will be showing how video games such as iDANCE and Gamercize make exercise fun.

The lineup for the two day conference is split into tracks so there are no clashes for your presentation enjoyment, with speakers strongly represented from The Exergame Network. On the final day, TEN advocate and expert researcher Dr Lisa Witherspoon Hansen, kicks off the day with a presentation on new ways to integrate active gaming (Exergaming) into the classroom. We’ve seen successful PE implementation from Lisa before, so don’t miss this, it’s cutting edge stuff!

We have fellow TEN expert Dr. Liz Lyons, looking at the how exergames affect players effort and exertion, so expect to see some great insights from the games savvy Liz, in her second year of presenting at G4H. A slight change of track will let you attend TEN advocate Dr Sheryl Flynn, where Games for rehabilitation is the subject. Sheryl was recently voted Researcher of the month by the Foundation for Physical Therapy and for Physical Therapy of the American Physical Therapy Association. Sheryl has outstanding knowledge in this cutting edge application of Games for health.

To round off the day we have once again Alasdair, Lisa and Stephen, with the former duo getting into some serious theorizing for Exergaming and play. Who better to round off the day than Stephen, who is bringing us more results from his famous Exergame Lab! There is also a rumor going around that TEN tee-shirts will be available, but for the original and best Chief of all Exergaming Evangelists, and TEN supporter, go find Dr Ernie Medina in the Exergaming Tent. Here he is, giving his take on 08!

Hyatt Harborside Hotel, Boston, MA. If you haven’t been to this conference before, now in it’s 6th year, you should Register Here. I hear that there is also a promo code, I’m not sure if I am allowed to share this, so jump on quick before it’s changed for a 10% discount using BOS10 – that’s the letters BOS and number TEN.

Exergaming Fitness Australia (EFA) is also represented by our USA partners who are hosting the Exergaming demo area. Thanks to the hard work of Tommy and Ed from EF USA, we are able to tune into the event with leave streaming and recorded sessions at: