XSITE is a completely unique concept in lifestyle and entertainment. Our goal is to seamlessly blend creative cultures like music, art & game programming with  entertainment technologies, such as video gaming and lifestyle challenges in health and fitness.

Essentially by introducing creativity and entertainment into the ‘bricks and mortar’ aspects of our day to day lives we can invigorate and create sustainable fun ways to improve our health and wellbeing in all aspects: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We have BIG BOLD plans and a crew of dedicated, passionate and immensely talented people who believe in our concept.

The XSITE ‘City’ centre is our newest endeavour. It will grow over time to incorporate this blend of creativity, lifestyle and health. Currently XSITE offers the very best in Entertainment Fitness, a group activity made in Scandinavia and brought to Australia by Exergaming Australia. This group activity is called Machine Dance and XSITE is the first venue in Tasmania to offer this amazing health and fitness activity.

What is extremely important to us, is that we support local artists and talent in the genres of music, art, dance, video gaming, programming and health and fitness. There is so much untapped and unexposed creative talent in Hobart and we will be an aggressive promoter for showcasing these individuals. They WILL excite and shock your senses and that will only enrich and inspire us to be better, and look to improve the quality of our own lives. It’s a win win!

Stick with us, in fact become part of this revolution in lifestyle wellbeing! See you at XSITE.

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