Small Groups Solution


System description 

The iSTEP Multiplayer system is Exergaming Australia’s entrance level Group Fitness solution.  iSTEP runs on Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops and uses our industry standard ‘wired’ Impact Arcade platforms – The platform of choice for the 2011 European Machine Dance Championships held in Helsinki, Finland.

iSTEP has been streamlined giving an intuitive and easy to navigate user experience.  The powerful but simplified software, flexible personal computer configurations and wired platforms make iSTEP an extremely cost effective solution. Along with Exergaming Australia’s Financing Options, iSTEP becomes accessible to primary and secondary schools and youth/family centric facilities.

iSTEP features 25 hit songs from the Positive Gaming iDANCE system along with 25 new songs releases. iSTEP facilitates up to 4 players at a time in a multiplayer mode with 8 players in Team Play or Cooperative Play formats. ‘Split Play’ enables two players to play on individual difficulty levels.

Exergaming Australia can configure iSTEP as a standalone long term solution in its own right, or configure the system to be scalable, enabling a seamless upgrade path, over time and as funds allow, to the premium, large scale iDANCE2 solution.


System includes:

  • 1 – 4 Impact Arcade wired pads with control boxes
  • Positive Gaming iSTEP USB memory stick
  • Security dongle
  • USB hub with 3m extension cable
  • iSTEP User manual

Non-electronic ‘Ghost Pads’ also available for younger players and for use in Team Formats.


  • Small group solution
  • Rapid set-up and pack away
  • Simple user interface
  • Real-time, individual performance feedback
  • Suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels
  • Up two difficulty levels simultaneously
  • Upgradable software and hardware
  • Regularly updated song packs

An ideal solution:

  • Youth zones in:
    • Fitness & Leisure centres
    • Aquatic Centres
    • Recreation and Sports Centres
    • PCYCs
  • Family Fitness
    • YMCAs
  • Schools
    • Active After Schools Programs
    • Recess and Lunch activity
    • HPE station

 Optional Items

  • 8-Pad Wheeled Storage Cart
  • Customised Encore Audio/Video Cart for Mobile Machine Dance use
  • Exergaming Australia’s unique Gears Online equipment status and maintenance program

For pricing and further information please contact

EGA offers a range of competitive financing options to enable your centre to implement an iDANCE2 system that will suit your needs.

Sales & Enquiries: Brett Young: +61 (0) 418 146 818 Email: