Experience iDANCE2!

Scheduled iDANCE2 sessions are run at our XSITE Fitness Centre. Sessions run for one hour and are led by highly skilled Machine Dance Instructors. All ages, ALL ability and fitness levels can participate together.

If this is your first time?

Prepare to experience the most unique group fitness experience of your life! This is the first example of iDANCE2 in Australia and we have it right here in Hobart 🙂 To enjoy the experience to the max we have some suggestions that we know you’ll find helpful.

Machine Dance doesn’t have even written rules as to what to wear, it’s a very individual activity and we encourage you to wear what’s comfortable for you.

Firstly, you’re going to sweat! It will take between 2 – 3 sessions to reach that ideal aerobic ‘fat loss’ zone (65% max HR), but even from the get go, you will feel the heat.  So we suggest light weight cotton clothing or similarly ‘breathable’ material.

Express yourself, go edgy urban and wear some surf/skater clobber or go the hardcore lycra workout wear, we think retro 80’s head bands and wrist bands are just perfect. The main thing is to be comfortable and have fun!

When you’re past beginner level, you’ll be pushing into extremely vigorous aerobic thresholds. We regularly push our heart rates to 85 – 95% max HR on our HIT sessions. At this point you’ll be well aware of what to wear but even the Master level dancers are still experimenting.

What is more important are your shoes. Shoes can make or break a Machine Dancer. Some of us prefer to iDANCE bare footed, and there’s nothing wrong with it flesh on pads, in fact it’s great for beginner players, gives you a better feel for the pad. However, as you progress in skill and speed, you may end up with some funky feet with a blister here and there, so be warned, bare feet are NOT for the faint footed!
Basically, the thinner and lighter your footwear the better. This aids you in feeling the indents in the dance pad and thus helps you to step on the arrows instead on the non-pressure-sensitive part of the pad. Plus lighter footwear lets you move faster, as this game is all about the ‘need for speed’.

Go for laced up shoes so that they’ll keep up with you and won’t fall off in the middle of the song and cause you to loose points. We want to keep you upright and safe so laces all the way 🙂

Luckily, the best machine dance shoes are the cheapest junky shoes, think KMart. Anything over 10 AUD is a unnecessary, so be as cheap as you can. The downside is that they do wear out more rapidly, so if you find a pair you love, buy two pairs!

Lastly. Bring a towel, change of clothes if you wish, a water bottle and most importantly, a sense of adventure. You might want to bring some swimwear as well if you feel like a cooling dip in any of the pools after the session.

We can’t wait to see you and share the fantastic experience that is iDANCE2. See you soon!