iDANCE2 Overview

iDANCE2 is our premiere solution. It is a music driven multi-player game (up to 32 simultaneous players) that combines video gaming, music, dancing (stepping) and exercise.

The players follow arrows on the giant video screen, and step/stomp on the corresponding arrows on their wireless machine dance mat. The pressure sensitive arrows on the mat will sense how accurately you are stepping and your score is presented on the screen in realtime as you play through each song and level.

iDANCE2 has 25 difficulty levels, starting from “So easy anyone can do it” up to “that’s impossible – I can’t even see the arrows!” As your mind and body become accustomed to the game-play, your skills will naturally improve and you begin to rise through the levels.

iDANCE2 gathers feedback about all participants performance. This data is tremendously motivating and encourages players to push to higher levels and demand more of themselves physically and mentally. This data includes how many steps taken, how many arrows were missed or hit perfectly, results on the players step timing, high scores plus details on each song with beats per minute, jumps in each song and so on.

The highly immersive and engaging nature of the iDANCE2 means time simply flys by and before you know it, your physically spent and attained new personal high scores and enjoyed an amazing and highly social health and fitness experience.

iDANCE2 is a quite remarkable at making exercise fun first. We have a phrase for it, we call it ‘Stealth Health’ and it works!

For more information:

Managing Director: Brett Young
Phone: +61 (0) 418 146 818