Exergaming is a new and very exciting form of physical activity that seamlessly blends sensor technologies (cameras, body sensors and hand held remotes) and video gaming technologies in such a way that you are required to ‘move’ to fully interact and best experience the exergame. Most importantly, exergaming is FUN and fun is contagious, addictive and a great motivator to help improve our health and fitness – Serious Fun.

To qualify as a ‘healthy’ exergame, the game has to be impossible (or difficult) to play without significant physical movement.  Healthy exergames encourage game-play that immerses and therefore engages the user in the exergaming experience. The technology interfaces should be intuitive and seamless so the game responds accurately to the player’s movements. With this enhanced ‘physical’ game-play, there is the opportunity to create a tremendously beneficial health and fitness experience that is highly motivating and sustainable –  The Exergaming Network (TEN) has created a rating system for Exergames.

At Exergaming Australia, we demand a lot from an exergame before bringing it into our product line.  Our premiere solution is the multi-award winning iDANCE2 system. iDANCE2 won 4 catagories of the TEN ExerGaming Awards in 2010 including Best Group Exergame. This is a breathtaking large group solution that sets the standard for exergames world wide and we are very proud to be the Australian Distributor and pioneer this system throughout our region.

Doing is believing! To best understand the compelling experience offered by a quality commerical exergame you need to get yourself ‘In the Game’. Our XSITE Fitness & Showcase Centre is perfectly equipped to offer everyone a group exergaming experience that redefines what health and fitness can achieve in this day and age.

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